About Snowmiaux

I’m a cat! Well on the internet. I’m a tech professional by day and a writer, roleplaying game facilitator and fandom/hobby tour-guide by night. I go by the handle “Ghostpaw” on most of the internet, based on my fursona, a semi-androgyne anthropomorphic snow leopard of the same name.

I like to think of myself as a resource for introducing others to hobbies, communities, and identities they might encounter online, which often seem opaque, complex or challenging from the outside. This includes hobbies such as electronic music, tabletop roleplaying games or MMORPGs, and communities like fandoms (especially Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Furry) and various site-specific online communities.

I also want to help others understand and respect identities they may not have a great deal of experience with, and advocate for marginalized people in general. I respect and wish to broaden respect for these identities, including those of Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Queer, Ace, Intersex, and Trans people and Plural systems among many others.

I’m a bisexual white male (He/Him) raised in the United States with all of the associated privilege and responsibility thereof. I’m also neuro-atypical, diagnosed as ADHD, and a singlet individual (as opposed to a plural system)

I comment on online culture and technology – especially megacorporations, social media and the cyberpunk dystopia in which we live. I also posit about brighter futures, especially furry-themed posthumanism with a focus on morphological freedom and communal, sustainable solarpunk.

I also speak openly about LGBTQIA+ issues, especially through the lens of the reactionary politics in the United States which seek to invalidate the human rights and threaten the lives and livelihood of queer people.

I live in Central Arizona in the United States on the ancestral territory of Indigenous Akimel O’odham (Pima) and Piipaash (Maricopa) peoples.