Contact & Networks

Just a summary of places to reach me.

Chat Applications


I still find Discord overwhelming on some level and have a difficult time keeping up with most of the servers I’ve been randomly invited to, but am fairly responsive to DM’s and @’s there.



Fairly good place for DMs and reaching out, I tend to respond but also lurk in a lot of larger chatrooms (Looking at you, Snepchat) Also, if it even needs to be said, not linked to an actual Cell Number of mine.


Social Media


Where I’m trying to dump most of my excess posting energy into right now. Don’t be scared off by the activation / invite thing – You can create an account to read without an invite, and most folks get activated in a few days. You should also check out the people behind it, who have very good opinions about social media and software in general – Mainchosting, lots of nerd junk – FFXIV, Gpose, Cat Dads (and Daddies)


I maintain a Masto but use it fairly sparingly, although that might change and has more to do with everyone I follow crossposting and many of my followed users falling off the platform.


I recently nuked my old tumblr accounts which sat idle (and relatively unbothered) since the pornpocalypse. Somehow tumblr seems to be a rising star again, so I rebuilt my blog, mostly just to interact with a few people there, but definitely a smaller, community experience for me than elsewhere.

Gallery Sites


If you’re just looking for my art and references, or a list of my characters, this is a good place to start. Also consider supporting the creator on Patreon!


Yes, I’m there. No, it isn’t up to date with my latest art. Yes, I have thousands of submissions to go through.