Pretty Hip Cat

A wide-hipped, wide-shouldered anthropomorphic snow leopard with long hair turned away, hands on hips and leaning back slightly, face partly obscured by hair and looking back over one shoulder with a sly grin. Image signed @peacheeDew
Get it? Pretty? Hips? Eeeeeh?

Not going to bury the lede with this blog – I’m a huge Furry, and Ghostpaw is my online avatar/Fursona. You should expect to see lots of art of him around! I’ve gone through lots of characters to represent me online but Ghost has stuck around the longest, perhaps for obvious sexy cat reasons.

This is a recent piece by @PeacheeDEW from Twitter that started as a YCH (Your Character Here) pose a few months ago that I instantly thirsted for. It’s also a good piece to use to talk about Ghostpaw’s design, and my taste in art when I commission artists to draw him!

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Why another blog?

One piece of ancient internet advice states; “Don’t start a blog.” This has morphed over time into advice about how starting a blog isn’t a good way to make money… and I’m honestly shocked that even needs to be said. I’m not starting a blog with the intent of profit; I’m starting a blog for the purpose of being in control of at least some of my presence on the internet.

I’ve failed to follow this advice dozens of times and I’m going to keep doing it forever, more than likely. So this post is a quick dump on why I think I might need to do it, and what I expect to do with it going forward.

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