2023 in Sexy Snowcats

I always wish I was commissioning more art from the furry community. I’m particularly bad at this actually, partly because I follow too many artists, and partly because the back and forth of negotiating a custom piece of art is rife with pitfalls for someone with anxiety and ADHD.

Still, I manage to get a few new pieces of Ghostpaw every year and 2023 was no exception. I did end up with more YCH-style commissions than usual, but most of them turned out phenomenally so I can hardly complain.

Shibari YCH by nu_moon (carrd.co)

Weekly Wing-It, Mermay, by Nix (FurAffinity)

Weekly Wing-It, Fall Fashion,also by Nix (FurAffinity)

Submissive (and… y’know…) YCH with alt outfit by Artzzello (FurAffinity)

I may also do a post with the non Ghostpaw art I got this year. If you want to give me any feedback on these, my socials are all listed on Contact & Networks – Feel free to reach out and chat!